Nosce te ipsum.

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.
Nosce te ipsum.

25. Colorado. Scotland. Colorado.
Taking life one day at a time.

I think too much, I adore Latin, and I'm a botanist (MSc Plant Biodiversity and Taxonomy/BSc Biology) and a wife.

In this world they choose to see me like the setting sun, so it's up to me:
I have to see me like the rising one.

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4:46PM Tue, Jul 12From: Tyler W"Killing birdsIn your carI wish we couldDrive real far.(to the tune of Sherman)”
EXIF:-30 sec-f/3.5-ISO 1600-19mm

4:46PM Tue, Jul 12
From: Tyler W
"Killing birds
In your car
I wish we could
Drive real far.
(to the tune of Sherman)”

-30 sec
-ISO 1600

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